About QuoteLocal

QuoteLocal is unique in the world of insurance. Unlike dozens of sites that claim to offer consumers the ability to get their insurance online, QuoteLocal actually receives REAL, personalized rates from multiple insurance companies and allows consumers to buy insurance online in minutes. We believe that’s not enough though. Consumers today are accustomed to buying insurance online—but generally DIRECTLY from the company who writes the policy. These “direct writers” cut out and devalue the role of the independent insurance agent—the one there to represent the customer—leaving the consumer without the help of an unbiased agent if they need assistance. Many believe that to use an agent is to add another layer of cost to the sale. Many believe that they cannot buy insurance online AND still be represented by a local agent. Some feel that the local independent insurance agent—who is there to answer questions, recommend coverages, and help solve problems that arise--is an added cost and a “thing of the past.” The fact is consumers want cheap insurance, they want it fast, and they want to shop for it on their own time. Some still want to talk to a qualified, objective, professional while others would prefer to quote and buy on their own. QuoteLocal understands. That's why we’re known as "the best of both worlds."

In conjunction with the Florida Association of Insurance Agents (FAIA.com), the premiere insurance agent association, QuoteLocal can link thousands of professional agents to the QuoteLocal network. When consumers enter their zip code on QuoteLocal.com, they are paired with a local agent in real time. The consumers may then quote right from the QuoteLocal.com site themselves or go to the agent’s website to do a quote themselves. Either way, a qualified local agent is standing by to answer questions or help if and in any way the consumer needs. Consumers confident to quote and buy on their own may complete the process, print their own ID cards, and be on their way. The local agent standing by is still there to help that customer with other insurance needs, in case of questions about their policies, or in the case they need help with a claim.

Most insurance companies write policies only through professional insurance agents. Many of those companies and the agents who sell their products are at a disadvantage because they cannot sell policies the way more and more consumers want to buy—online in real time. QuoteLocal allows any insurance company and any agent to sell online to customers who want to quote and buy insurance.

QuoteLocal represents the evolution of the insurance industry. Through a best-in-the-industry IT platform provided by industry leader ClickAndBind™, and seamless integration with some of the best insurance technology solutions the industry, QuoteLocal allows consumers to get their own real rates from highly rated insurance companies, buy multiple products online themselves in minutes, AND still have the support of a qualified local independent insurance agent when they need. QuoteLocal.com

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